Pineapple Green Juice

If you are exhausted, try Pineapple Green Juice. Containing various vitamins, amino acids, and organic acids, it is effective for fatigue recovery as well as detoxifying.


Pineapple220 g, Orange200 g, Kale80 g, Ginger7 g

TIPIf you are not comfortable with the vegetable taste of kale, increase the amount of ginger.


  1. 1. Peel the orange and pineapple. Core the pineapple and slice properly.
  2. 2. Wash the kale and ginger clean and slice them properly.
  3. 3. Juice all the ingredients following the instructions.
  4. 4. Drink immediately, or let chill for an hour and then enjoy.


The vitamin C in oranges and pineapples is effective for fatigue recovery and cold prevention.


1 cup


87.5 Cal/350 ml

MAKES (ml)

350 ml

November 07, 2023

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