[NEW] REVO830 Whole Slow Juicer

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New REV0830 whole slow juicer - Amazing product for juices

This juicer is an amazing product for making juices containing fruits and vegetables. I am able to make green juice containing celery, kale, etc. Very easy assembly and disassembly but the container does not have a spout for easy pouring. Convenient that no fruit or vegetable waste gets stuck inside. Will recommend this to everyone.

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Zoe Ahmed
I am loving my Kuvings

Excellent Juicer.
I have been using it for a week now, with once a day frequency.
The machine is really quiet. Sturdily built, yield more juice. Pulps quite dry.
Overall, brilliant purchase.

Loooove my new juicer

Finally bit the bullet and purchased the Kuvings revo380 after using cheaper juicers of different brands. This juicer is lovely and quiet, more efficient at juice extraction as the pulp is very dry. I juice a large amount of celery and this juicer does this very well. I love it so much. Easy to clean is a bonus!

Great juicer, high juice yield!

Easy to use, easy to clean and makes my juices perfect. I could not ask for more this machine is PERFECT!!!!!
Cleaning is a breeze!

Sonia Patchely
Juicer is great

Getting stained in between grinder and yellow plastic.
Apples are getting stuck while make ABC juice.
Delivery of the product was delayed and missing of 1 cleaning brush. Ice cream maker not yet tried.

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Media Mention

Kuvings REVO830

90mm-wide feeding tube

for whole fruits

Kuvings REVO830

43mm-wide feeding tube

for leafy vegetables / carrots

Improved motor durability

Automatic smart cutting & juicing mechanism.

Upgraded high-torque motor with new dual feeding tubes for easy and fresh juicing.

Upgraded screw and juicing mechanism for silky juice with less pulp.

Wider pulp outlet for easy cleaning and improved pulp ejection capacity.

Built-in low-noise design for quiet operation.

5 Year Motor Warranty

Kuvings REVO830

6th Generation Whole Slow Juicer

Excellent for fibrous fruits and vegetables.

Newly designed cups for saving kitchen space.

5 year warranty on Motor, 1 year warranty on Parts

Made in KOREA

Remember, It always tastes better with Kuvings.😊🧡

Whole Slow Juicer REVO830

The NEW Kuvings REVO830 is an all-in-one juicer that cuts down your prep time–literally! The REVO830 feeds both long and wide ingredients into its auto-cutting screw, saving you prep and cleanup time. Plus, this cold press juicer makes healthy sorbet, nut milk, and smoothies!

Juicing with Lemon Peel!

Don’t need to peel the lemon before juicing

Great for root veges!

Put it whole! Make healthy ginger lemon juice

Whole Pomegranate!

Put the whole pomegranate in!

How much makes 1 cup?

How to make Ice Cream

Kuvings Healthy Recipes

Whole Slow Juicer REVO830

Feeding Chute

43mm-wide dedicated feeding tube, equipped with an automatic smart cutting function for long fibrous vegetables & fruits like celery, carrot and cucumber

Juicing Screw

Upgraded screw and juicing mechanism for silky juice with less pulp

High torque motor

Improved motor durability for excellent juicing performance

Smart Cap

Smart cap for combining juices and preventing leaks


Double safety-lock system & cooling system

Rotating cleaning brush for easier cleaning

Easy cleaning without removing the drum just by pouring clean water after juicing

Great for batch juicing!
Great for batch juicing!

Product Components

New 90mm flip gate, 43mm narrow feed chute(Dual)

  • Improved Motor Durability
  • Auto-Cutting & Juicing mechanism
  • Handy Designed cups
  • New Smart Cap
  • New type Pulp Outlet
  • Double Safety Design
  • Stylish Design & Color


  • Motor: 5 years.
  • Parts: 1 year.

This warranty excludes damage to the product from misuse or abuse, such as improper cleaning, neglect, accident, alteration, fire, or theft.


What's in the box : Cleaning Brush, Juice Jug, Juicing Strainer, Pulp Jug, Pusher, Recipe Book, REVO830 Manual, Rotation Brush

Optional Accessories : Citrus Maker, Ice Cream/Sorbet Maker, Smoothie Maker

Model REVO830
Color Matte Pearl Black, Matte Light Sliver
Dimensions 256 x 210 x 480 mm
Weight 7.5 kg
Capacity 400 ml
Voltage 240 V
Wattage 200 W
Maximum Use 30 mins
Warranty 5-Year Warranty on Motor, 1-Year Warranty on Parts