Kuvings, Awarded “ALL-STAR JUICER” by Good Housekeeping magazine

Kuvings’ top-tier juicer, the ‘REVO830,’ has been awarded the coveted title of ‘ALL-STAR JUICER’ by Good Housekeeping, a leading American consumer media platform, for its exceptional performance.

Good Housekeeping holds a significant influence in guiding consumers with home appliance purchases in the United States. The REVO830 secured its place as the top juicer in the ‘Best Kitchen Appliances and Coffee & Tea of 2023’ list curated by Good Housekeeping.

Through rigorous juicer testing, Good Housekeeping appraised the REVO830 as one of the best-performing products in the category. Boasting convenient multiple-sized inlets and pulp outlets, it has garnered praise for its efficient functionality, fast juicing speed, high juice quantity, and great taste.

Notably, the REVO830 was also honored last year with a prestigious award from Kitchen Innovation in Germany, underscoring its innovative and distinctive technological attributes.


*Source : https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/cooking-tools/a45470497/kitchen-gear-coffee-tea-awards-2023/

November 06, 2023