British GQ Recommends ‘Kuvings’ The best juicers for cleanses and fruity cocktails alike

If, like us, you’re keen to switch the midweek lockdown G&Ts for a healthy alternative, our edit of the best juicers will help. Compact and cleverly designed, the latest juicers are great for whipping up healthy, eye-brightening drinks, all from the comfort of your kitchen. Read on to find out which models make GQ’s top picks of the best juicers for all budgets.


Why should I buy a juicer?

Whether you want to make a detoxifying green juice to start your morning cleanse or fancy a Blueberry Mojito to celebrate the weekend, a juicer can be a highly versatile tool to have to hand, while offering more specialised tools than even the best blenders.

A juicer provides the ideal way to get your five a day and discover new fruits and vegetables via the delicious medium of fresh juice. As well as energising your diet with drinks that are bursting with flavour, some of the latest models can also make delicious salsas, nut milks, nut butters, yoghurts, frozen-fruit desserts and purees.

Once you’ve mastered the art of locking them into place, the latest designs are straightforward to use and will save you the hiked-up prices of shop-bought juices. With dishwasher-safe parts and brush accessories that come in the box, the clean-up won’t take long either.


What should I look for when buying a juicer?

Centrifugal vs masticating juicers
There are two main types of juicer to choose from and the ingredients you plan to juice will dictate both the design you buy and the amount of juice obtained. Centrifugal juicers work well with hard fruits such as carrots, apples and pears, shredding the fruit at a high speed and straining the pith on a wire mesh inside. Masticating, or “slow”, juice extractors, on the other hand, chew and press ingredients at a much gentler pace and claim to retain more nutrients in the juice extraction. A slow juicer is also best for juicing leafy greens, wheatgrass, citrus fruits, and softer fruits such as berries.

An extra-wide feeding chute
If you’re looking for a quick fix and don’t want the hassle of having to chop up ingredients too finely, pick up a model with a large feeding chute that can accommodate a whole apple in one go or large carrot batons.

Homogenising attachment
If you want your juicer to do more than create drinks, a dedicated attachment for processing nut butters, nut milks, salsas and frozen desserts is what you’ll need to look out for.

Smoothie strainer
For those days when you fancy a drink that’s a little more textured, a smoothie strainer will come in handy – it’s effectively a juicing screen with larger holes that allow more pith to get through.

What’s the best juicer I can buy online?
We’ve found an excellent choice of both centrifugal and slow juicers online. A particular favourite is the Kuvings Evo Juicer, which we rate for its wide flip-gate feeding chamber, excellent performance and impressive results.



What makes the Kuvings Evo 820 slow juicer design so easy to use is its large 82mm-wide flip-gate feeding chamber. It can, in fact, take a whole fruits like apples down its chute in one go, reducing the amount of prep work needed, speeding up the juicing process. The body of the juicer looks and feels premium and it comes in six luxurious finishes to match your kitchen scheme, including Gunmetal (pictured). It also has a four-point locking system in the juicing drum, which makes for a solid performance. The juicer can tackle both leafy greens, such as kale and spinach, and harder ingredients, such as celery and pear, with a steady and effective pace. Averaging around 70 decibels in use, it’s one of the quieter juicers we’ve tried, and should you get bored of simple juicing you can use the special attachment to make desserts, nut milks, salsas and more. The included recipe book is rather inspirational too, and there’s a handy cleaning brush thrown in for good measure.

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September 30, 2023