Mandarin Orange Pineapple Juice

How do you eat pineapples deliciously? Make Mandarin Orange Pineapple Juice, which delights your mouth with freshness and sweetness!


Mandarin Orange200 g, Pineapple200 g, Banana50 g

TIPPeel and freeze bananas for later use.


  1. 1. Peel and core the pineapple.
  2. 2. Peel the mandarin orange and banana.
  3. 3. Juice all the ingredients following the instructions.
  4. 4. Drink immediately, or let chill for an hour and then enjoy.


The vitamin C in pineapples suppresses the absorption of heavy metals and promotes their release. The pectin in mandarin oranges also discharges heavy metals from the body and improves the cholesterol level.


1 cup


105 Cal/350 ml

MAKES (ml)

350 ml

November 07, 2023

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