IndyBest 2023 Best Juicer for long produce: REVO830

UK Independent picks REVO830 for more fresh fruit and vegetables

With carrots, cucumber, and celery some of the most popular juicing ingredients, this juicer has two chutes: one for long fruit and veg while the other chute is 88mm – wide enough to fit a whole apple and amongst the widest feed chutes on the market. The auto-cutting feature means almost zero ingredient prep is needed. The wrap-around cleaning brush means it cleans quickly too.

Attachments for citrus juicing and smoothie-making can be bought and the motor comes with a 10-year warranty, so the brand is really putting its money where its mouth is. At 48cm tall, it’s not a juicer that’ll fit snugly under kitchen cupboards, and at 7.5kg it’s not the lightest, either. It’s one of the few models that comes in different colours, though, so you can match it to your kitchen.


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May 04, 2023